• 1929 Marmon 8

The Vintage Vehicle Touring Enthusiasts Incorporated (VVTE) is a club exclusively for vintage only Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles manufactured from January 1, 1919 through to December 31, 1930.

The club was established by vintage car driving enthusiasts in the Lockyer Valley district of Queensland. Membership is open to Australian residents whose vintage vehicle particulars meet the qualification criteria as outlined on the Membership Renewal/Application form.

The objectives of the club are as follows:-

  • To provide a means of uniting motor vehicle enthusiasts to promote the preservation, restoration and use of all motor vehicles manufactured from      January 1, 1919 to December 31, 1930.
  • To assist members in every way possible including locating components, information and services that are not readily available.
  • To provide social and motoring activities without liability incumbent on the organisers.
  • To co-operate, affiliate or associate with any other organisation having similar or related objects of the club.

VVTE holds approximately four events per year. These events spread throughout the calendar year with the majority of events being day runs. Events are open to VVTE members  and invited guest.

VVTE holds a committee meeting and a general meeting during events.

The VVTE Motor Media Magazine is produced following these events.