About our events

Important – For club organised events let the event coordinator know you are going. If the weather or other events put the event in doubt, telephone the event coordinator to check – please do not leave it for someone to contact you. Ensure your contact details are known. Phone or email a few days before the event to confirm attendance and check for changes, updates or cancellations.

Event Organisers  – Please send the Webmaster updates so they can be posted especially for last minute changes.

New Monthly Runs – Starting 2022 a regular event each month will take place on the third Sunday of the month. To begin with they will start from Plainlands and will organised by the events coordinator. Club meetings will be held at other events.

Our membership covers members in Queensland and interstate with the majority of members residing in South East Queensland. We do not have set meetings or set events which allows any member to organise a day or weekend event typically in their neck of the woods. If you would like to coordinate one, please let a committee member know or bring the suggestion to a meeting.